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Darien Hand Doctor

Midwest Hand Surgery is distinguished as delivering the professional hand treatment its patients throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area deserve. We have an outstanding team of hand specialists and hand doctors who are renowned for securing the beneficial results in hand surgery and hand treatment procedures our patients require. What’s more, our patients are well aware that Midwest Hand Surgery will not only meet their expectations, but we will most likely exceed them! Our extraordinary, fellowship-trained hand surgeons and proficient hand specialists are well-known for interacting with patients in order to arrive at the most accurate diagnosis as well as developing and executing the most exceptional hand treatment programs. Our background and experience has taught us that partnering with our patients often leads to the most favorable outcomes. It makes perfect sense that when Darien residents are in looking for the leading hand surgeons in the region, Midwest Hand Surgery is the only name they need to know.

Darien Hand Surgery

Darien, Illinois has over 22,000 residents and is in DuPage County. At a little more than 12 miles south of Darien, Midwest Hand Surgery’s Elmhurst’s office is the hand treatment center most conveniently located near there. Our two additional hand treatment centers are situated in Elmhurst and in Palos Heights. Midwest Hand Surgery’s hand specialists at all three of our facilities are highly regarded for offering the comprehensive hand treatment to Darien patients who may require hand surgery or occupational therapy. Although the majority of our Darien patients’ hand surgery is dealt with in our surgical suites, from time-to-time it is necessary to relocate to a separate surgical site or hospital for hand surgery. This is one of the many reasons our hand surgeons are affiliated with regional hospitals and surgical centers.

Darien Hand Specialist

Midwest Hand Surgerycomprehends that all hand injuries are unique, and this is why we tailor your medical procedures precisely to your needs. Additionally, you can rely upon your hand surgeon monitor all features of your hand treatment to ensure that your recovery proceeds as it should. Regardless of the scope of your hand injuries, Midwest Hand Surgery’s hand surgeons and hand specialists have the skills and expertise to treat the most acute hand injuries. Whether your hand injuries necessitate repairing ligaments, reconstructing nerves or resetting bones, MHS is fully qualified to provide the most at providing the incomparable hand treatment imaginable. For the most advanced care, we recommend you allow Midwest Hand Surgery’s hand doctors to diagnose the nature of your hand injuries. To schedule an appointment, call our Elmhurst office, today, at: (630) 359-6888.

Located near the junction of I-294 and E. Roosevelt Road, our Elmhurst office serves residents of Darien, Oak Brook, and Lockport with a professional staff and a team of board-certified surgeons.

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