About Midwest Hand Surgery

The Importance of Hand and Wrist Specialists

Your hands and wrists are complex instruments, with each part working to provide the feeling, function, and appearance that you are used to. When you injure your hand or wrist, it is crucial to see specialists with the expertise to provide the leading-edge treatment that you need for the best possible outcome.

MHS Provides Advanced Care for Your Hand and Wrist Injuries

The MHS team includes fellowship-trained hand surgeons and occupational therapists with years of experience treating hand, wrist, and select elbow injuries. Our hand specialists work together with you, from diagnosing your condition to developing and implementing the most effective treatment program that yields the best prognosis. We are committed to give you the best care possible and to put your hands back to work.

Patient Consult Patient Therapy

Expect Excellent Treatment When You Visit MHS

Everyone’s medical needs are different, and we tailor your medical care to match your unique needs. At your first appointment, you will be seen by one of our fellowship-trained hand surgeons. Your surgeon will thoroughly examine your injury, answer your questions, and recommend the best treatment option to meet your needs. If you require therapy or specialized adaptive equipment, your surgeon will refer you to our occupational therapy staff, who will work with you on a program to improve your hand and wrist function. If your condition requires surgery, we can perform most procedures at our advanced surgical suites. Your surgeon will oversee every step of your treatment plan and conduct all follow-up visits personally to ensure you progress as we expect.

Fellowship-Trained Hand Surgeons Provide Advanced Care

Hand surgery is required for a range of conditions, including repairing ligaments, reconstructing nerves, and resetting bones. In addition to a surgeon’s primary training, intensive fellowship training in hand surgery provides the expertise necessary for the most advanced, effective hand care possible.

Many hand surgeons have a background in either orthopedic surgery or plastic surgery. MHS hand surgeons are fellowship-trained and have plastic surgery backgrounds. This gives them special expertise in complex, reconstructive procedures that will restore the form and function of your hand and wrist. Additionally, they have years of experience in treating musculoskeletal conditions. Regardless of the severity of your hand or wrist injury, they have the specialized experience you need for the best possible care.

Comprehensive Care—From Splints to Surgery

While MHS doctors are fellowship-trained hand surgeons, our practice isn’t limited to surgery. In many cases, non-surgical treatment alternatives are often the most effective solution for patients. Even when surgery is required, many patients require follow-up therapy to improve their hands’ function. MHS is committed to providing you complete care for your hand or wrist injury. Call us at 630-359-6888 today to schedule an appointment, or learn more about each of our physicians.