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Advanced Care for Your Hand and Wrist Injuries

When you sustain a hand or wrist injury, it is important to have specialized treatment that provides you with the best possible outcome. Our team of hand and wrist experts offers prompt attention and leading-edge treatment options to deliver the best results for your injury. From burns surgery to sports injury diagnosis, our specialists will provide you with the care you need. Call us today at 630-359-6888 to learn more about the conditions we treat and to schedule an appointment.

Comprehensive Hand and Finger Treatment

MHS has specialized in the treatment of hand and finger injuries for more than a decade. Our fellowship-trained hand surgeons and highly experienced occupational therapists work together to develop the best treatment plan for your particular hand condition.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common condition caused by pressure placed on the median nerve in your wrist. This pressure can produce numbness and tingling in your hand and fingers, a sense of clumsiness, and even pain. There are several options to treat your symptoms.


Tendonitis is an inflammation or irritation of your tendons, the tissue that connects your muscles to your bones. Because the symptoms of tendonitis range in severity from mild discomfort to pain, our specialists will determine the best treatment option for your needs.

Trigger FingerTrigger Finger

Trigger finger causes your finger to “catch” or “pop” as you try to bend it, and it makes using your finger more difficult. It’s brought about by a narrowing in the space between the tendon and its protective sheath, preventing the tendon from moving smoothly.

Ganglion Cysts and TumorsGanglion Cysts and Tumors

Ganglion cysts and tumors are benign growths that can be bothersome and interfere with the use of your hands. Our specialists can evaluate growths on your hand, provide a diagnosis, and recommend the best treatment option.

Thumb ArthritisThumb Arthritis

Thumb arthritis occurs when protective cartilage surrounding your thumb wears down. Arthritis of the thumb can make everyday tasks more difficult. There are a number of effective treatments available to alleviate pain and increase hand function.

Finger InjuriesFinger Injuries

Finger injuries often require prompt attention for the best outcome. From minor to more serious injuries, we have the resources and expertise to provide timely and comprehensive treatment for your finger injury.

Hand FracturesHand Fractures

Effective treatment of hand fractures depends on the location and severity of the fracture. Our hand surgeons and therapists use the most advanced medical equipment to provide you with comprehensive care for your hand fracture.

Tendon InjuriesTendon Injuries

Tendons connect your muscles to your bones and help your hands move. A tendon injury often makes moving your fingers or palm difficult. The MHS hand specialists can diagnose and provide the best treatment plan for your tendon injury.

Nerve InjuriesNerve Injuries

Damage to the nerves in your hand can reduce your sense of touch and weaken your grip. Our fellowship-trained hand surgeons are experts at the most advanced methods of nerve repair, and can provide the proper treatment to achieve the best outcome.

Reconstructive Hand SurgeryReconstructive Hand Surgery

Reconstructive surgery restores both the form and function of your hands when they have been injured. Our fellowship-trained hand surgeons have decades of combined experience in the most advanced reconstructive options.

Wrist Services to Get Your Hands Moving

Wrist injuries can reduce the mobility of your hands and make common tasks more painful to accomplish. Our physicians and therapists will customize the treatment plan aimed at improving your wrist's function.


Tendonitis is caused by inflammation of your tendons and can hinder your ability to move your wrist. MHS specialists will evaluate your wrist tendonitis and recommend the best treatment option for your condition.

Ganglion Cysts and TumorsGanglion Cysts and Tumors

Although they are benign, ganglion cysts and tumors can affect your wrist's mobility. Midwest Hand Surgery physicians will diagnose the condition, thoroughly examine your cyst, and discuss the most appropriate treatment plan for your needs.

Scaphoid/Wrist FracturesScaphoid/Wrist Fractures

The scaphoid is one of the smallest bones in your wrist. We have the experienced staff and advanced facilities to provide advanced treatment for scaphoid fractures.

Sprain/Ligament InjuriesSprains/Ligament Injuries

Ligaments are the tissues that connect your bones. Sprains, or injuries to the ligaments of your wrist, can be persistent and limit your hand’s mobility. We will evaluate the severity of your sprain and recommend the appropriate treatment for the best outcome.

Select Elbow Services

MHS specialists are experienced in treating select injuries and improving your elbow's function.

Tennis ElbowTennis Elbow

Lateral epicondylitis is an inflammation of the ligaments near your elbow. Although it is commonly called "tennis elbow," it can affect anyone. There are a range of treatment options based on the severity of your condition, including one of the most effective, minimally invasive surgical methods available.

Cubital TunnelCubital Tunnel

Caused by pressure on a nerve near your elbow, cubital tunnel syndrome can lead to tingling and numbness of your arm and hand. There are several alternatives to treat your symptoms, and MHS specialists will determine the option that will yield the best outcome for your condition.

Additional Services at Midwest Hand Surgery


The MHS team of fellowship-trained hand surgeons and expert staff provide effective, compassionate treatment, as well as comprehensive post-treatment therapy, when amputation is necessary.


Specialized care for burns to your hands is particularly important to give you the best possible outcome. From burns surgery to occupational therapy, MHS provides comprehensive care for when you've sustained a burn to your hand.


Dupuytren's contracture prevents you from fully extending one or more of your fingers and can limit the use of your hand. Our expert hand specialists will determine the best treatment option, from therapy to advanced Dupuytren's surgery, based on the progression of your condition.

Power Saw InjuriesPower Saw Injuries

After your hand or finger has been injured by a power saw, time is of the essence for the best prognosis. From microsurgery to tendon and nerve repair, our fellowship-trained hand surgeons are committed to providing you the best treatment possible.

Sports InjuriesSports Injuries

When you injure your hand or wrist playing sports, it is important to have specialized care comprehensive treatment. We offer prompt sports injury diagnosis, medical attention, outpatient surgical options, and advanced therapy to treat your sports-related hand or wrist injury.

Sports InjuriesSnowblower Injuries

Timely medical attention is vital when you have been injured by a snowblower. Our expert surgeons, leading-edge medical equipment, and prompt scheduling can provide the effective, prompt treatment that you need.

Kienbock’s DiseaseKienbock's Disease

When blood flow to the small bone in the wrist is disrupted in Kienbock's Disease, your wrist can become stiff, and over time, arthritic. Your MHS physician will evaluate your condition and recommend the best plan to treat your symptoms.

Specialists Provide the Best Care for Your Hand and Wrist

Our fellowship-trained hand surgeons and therapists are experts in treating hand, wrist, and select elbow conditions. Whether you require therapy or more advanced surgical care, we have the experience and resources to deliver the superior results you seek.

Call us today at 630-359-6888 to schedule an appointment to see one of our physicians, or find the office nearest you.