Nerve Injuries

Does a Nerve Injury Limit the Use of Your Hand?

Your nerves are important to your sense of touch and to transmit the electrical signals that help move your hands. Damage to the nerves of your hand, wrist, or fingers can leave you with numbness and hand weakness. If you have sustained a nerve injury, it is important to have your hands examined by a hand and wrist specialist, who has the experience required to effectively diagnose and treat you.

What Are the Causes and Symptoms of Nerve Injuries?

Hand nerve damage may be caused by a variety of problems, including lacerations, inflammation, and chronic conditions. Because your nerves carry both sensory and motor signals to and from your brain, the loss of feeling in your hands or fingers is a common symptom of a nerve injury.

Other symptoms of a nerve injury may include:

  • Tingling or numbness.
  • The inability to move your fingers or part of your hand.
  • Hand weakness or weakened grip.
  • Pain or a burning feeling in your hand of fingers.

How Are Nerve Injuries Diagnosed and Treated?

A hand nerve damaged by pressure or stretching may resolve on its own with proper supportive care. For nerves that have been completely severed, however, your doctor may recommend nerve surgery to reconnect the broken nerve fibers. Therapy is often important to keep your joints flexible while your nerve injury heals.

MHS Specialists Are Experts at Treating Nerve Injuries

The MHS team has the skills and resources to provide you the best nerve treatment available for injured hand. Our surgeons have undergone years of training in the most advanced methods of nerve treatment and repair, while our licensed occupational therapists are experts at strengthening your hands and increasing your range of motion.

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