Reconstructive Hand Surgery

Improve Your Hand's Function and Appearance

Injury or disease can affect your hand's function and its physical appearance. Reconstructive hand surgery repairs or rebuilds bone, skin, nerves, and other tissue in order to improve both the appearance and function of your hand.

When Is Reconstructive Hand Surgery Recommended?

Reconstructive hand surgery treats many conditions, and is sometimes recommended when non-surgical alternatives are ineffective or impractical. Reconstructive hand surgery can be the preferred treatment for restoring your hand’s function and appearance after:

  • Injury through sudden trauma.
  • Detachment of fingers or the entire hand.
  • Nerve injuries.
  • Skin cancer.
  • Congenital abnormalities.
  • Burns.

Since each person’s condition is unique, it is important that you consult with a qualified surgeon. Your MHS hand and wrist surgeon will consider every alternative before recommending the best reconstructive option.

Our Fellowship-Trained Surgeons Are Experts at Hand Reconstruction

While reconstructive hand surgery can improve your hand's function and appearance, it requires specialized training for the best possible results. All of our physicians have plastic surgery backgrounds with specialized, fellowship training in hand surgery. They are experienced in the most advanced, effective reconstructive procedures available, from nerve reattachment to bone and tissue repair. Many hand plastic surgery procedures can be performed at our on-site surgical facilities as soon as the same day of your injury. This provides you with the best outcome possible, while saving you the cost and trouble of a hospital admission. For procedures that require more extensive facilities, we maintain affiliations with surgical centers and hospitals conveniently located throughout Chicago.

MHS is committed to bringing the highest level of expertise, leading edge therapeutic approaches, and the most advanced equipment, all to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Call us at 630-359-6888, or contact us today through our secure form to schedule a prompt appointment.