Tendon Injuries

Do You Live with an Injured Tendon?

Tendons connect our muscles to our bones and help our hands and wrists move. Tendons can be injured in several ways, including through overuse or accidents. Tendonitis involves the painful swelling of the tendons in your hand, and is discussed in detail here. However, your tendons can also be injured through cuts or tears that may prevent you from using your hand or fingers.

What Are the Causes and Symptoms of a Tendon Injury?

Tendon cuts and tears sometimes occur because of a sudden trauma, such as a deep laceration or a fall. Open wounds and pain are common symptoms of a tendon injury. Other symptoms include:

  • The inability to bend one or more of your finger joints.
  • Tenderness along your finger or fingers.
  • Fingertip numbness.
  • Pain when you bend your fingers.

How Is a Tendon Injury Diagnosed and Treated?

A physical examination of your hand and imaging diagnostics are the best ways to evaluate a tendon injury and rule out other problems. Tendon injuries range in severity, and some require surgery for the best resolution. If you need surgery, your hand surgeon will recommend the best tendon injury treatment option based on several factors, including how your tendon was injured and the location of the injury. Usually, hand therapy is necessary after tendon repair.

We Provide the Prompt, Specialized Care You Need for Your Tendon Injury

Tendon injuries can limit your hand function. Prompt, expert attention from a hand specialist is important for the most effective treatment. If you need surgery, we can sometimes operate at our on-site surgical suite as early as the day of your appointment. Our hand surgeons are specialists at the most advanced tendon repair techniques and will recommend the best treatment option for your injury.

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