Does Tendonitis Hinder Movement of Your Hands?

Tendonitis is an inflammation, or swelling, of a tendon which connects muscle to bone. It can limit the use of your hands and can also be quite painful. Because we use our hands and wrists so often, tendons in these areas can be prone to inflammation through overuse or injury. For those with tendonitis, performing daily activities such as working or typing can become difficult.

What Are the Causes and Symptoms of Tendonitis?

Inflammation from tendon injuries can cause tendonitis. However, tendons can also become inflamed by overusing your hands, fingers, or wrists. Older patients are particularly prone to tendonitis because their tendons are no longer as elastic as they were when they were younger.

Symptoms of tendonitis may include:

  • Gradual or sudden onset of pain.
  • Swelling and tenderness.
  • Loss of motion or stiffness.

How Is Tendonitis Diagnosed and Treated?

We diagnose tendonitis after conducting a thorough history and examination. In some cases, a tendonitis diagnosis is made using other tests. Tendonitis treatment will vary, depending on the location and severity of the inflammation. Typically, an inflamed tendon will begin to resolve after several days of rest. In addition, we may recommend over-the-counter or prescription medications and splints to relieve your pain and swelling. In some cases, you may require a cortisone injection. When other treatments are ineffective, surgery may be the best possible solution.

MHS Specialists Will Provide the Best Treatment for Your Tendonitis

Without proper treatment, including rest, tendonitis can become a long-term issue that will limit your hand function. That is why prompt treatment and the development of an appropriate care plan are both important to ensure the best possible results. Our physicians conduct their own follow-up care and will oversee all phases of your treatment.

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