Supplemental Services

Comprehensive Care for Your Hand and Wrist

The most effective hand and wrist treatment requires the expertise of a team of specialists. It is the combination of medical expertise, knowledgeable hand therapists, and advanced facilities that will deliver the best results. To provide you the most effective treatment possible, our integrated approach includes fellowship-trained hand surgeons, a staff of experienced occupational therapists, leading-edge therapy equipment, and on-site surgical suites.

Advanced Surgical Suites Provide Prompt TreatmentAdvanced Surgical Suites Provide Prompt Treatment

We provide on-site surgical care as early as the same day of your visit. Outpatient surgery at our state-of-the-art facilities saves you the trouble and cost of a hospital admission, and allows you to rest in the comfort of your home the same day as your surgery.

Occupational Therapy Puts Your Hands Back to WorkOccupational Therapy Puts Your Hands Back to Work

MHS occupational therapists have more than four decades of combined experience treating hand injuries. They provide the customized adaptive equipment and therapeutic treatment plans that will help you get back to your everyday activities.

MHS Is Chicago's Team of Hand Specialists

Comprehensive care requires an experienced medical team. MHS fellowship-trained hand surgeons, therapists, and support staff have decades of experience treating hand, wrist, and select elbow injuries. We work together to provide you the most effective integrated treatment plan for your injury. Call us today at 630-359-6888, or complete our online form to request an appointment, so we can determine the treatment plan that is right for you.