Hand Surgery Suites

Prompt, Leading-Edge Treatment for Your Hand and Wrist

Many conditions can be resolved through non-surgical treatment. However, if you do require surgery, our hand surgery specialists can perform most procedures in our advanced, on-site surgical suites. Procedures at our hand surgery center are less expensive than at a hospital and it allows you to receive treatment more quickly. In some cases, it is possible to operate on the same day as your initial visit.

What You Can Expect at Our Surgical Suites

Prior to surgery, your surgeon will discuss your treatment and answer your questions. The MHS support staff will make you as comfortable as possible and will efficiently handle all details. During surgery, your family may stay in our nearby waiting room. When you are ready to return home, we will provide detailed after-care instructions and schedule a follow-up appointment with your physician.

Surgery Imaging

The Importance of Hand Surgery Specialists

It is important to select a surgeon with an extensive, specialized background treating hand and wrist injuries. MHS physicians are fellowship-trained hand surgeons with experience in the most advanced surgical and non-surgical treatment options. Call us at 630-359-6888 and schedule an appointment to see one of our physicians today.