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Woodridge Hand Doctor

Patients throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area understand that the hand specialists at Midwest Hand Surgery have the background and experience to deliver them with the most exceptional hand treatment care possible. Our highly skilled hand doctors are renowned for achieving the most encouraging outcomes in all of their hand treatment procedures. That’s why our patients know that not only will we meet their expectations, but we will persist in surpassing them! We are recognized as being the most well-qualified, fellowship-trained hand surgeons and hand specialists who work with each of our patients to ensure they receive the finest hand treatment from Midwest Hand Surgery. Our hand doctors offer the most accurate diagnoses in order to obtain the best results. When our patients from Woodridge require the leading hand surgeons in the region, the only name they need to know is Midwest Hand Surgery.

Woodridge Hand Surgery

Woodridge, Illinois has over 33,000 residents and is primarily in DuPage County with smaller parcels in Will and Cook Counties. Midwest Hand Surgery’sLockport’s office is the hand treatment center most conveniently located at about 13 miles south of Woodridge. We also have two other Midwest Hand Surgery hand treatment facilities in Elmhurst and in Palos Heights. All three deliver the all-inclusive hand treatment, hand surgery and occupational therapy our Woodridge patients may need. Although most of our Woodridge patients’ hand surgery procedures can be handled in one of Midwest Hand Surgery’s surgical suites, our hand surgeons are also associated with other surgical sites and regional hospitals should it be in the best interests of our Woodridge patients to be treated there.

Woodridge Hand Specialist

Midwest Hand Surgery is well-known for customizing all of our medical care to meet our patients’ specifications. Moreover, your hand surgeon will carefully oversee all steps of your hand treatment to make sure you achieve a full and complete recovery. Whatever the extent of your hand injuries, MHS’s hand surgeons and hand specialists have the ability and skills to deal with the most complex hand injuries, including repairing ligaments, reconstructing nerves and resetting bones. We are especially skilled at providing the most remarkable hand treatment possible. For the advanced care you deserve, we urge you to visit the hand doctors at Midwest Hand Surgeryso they can quickly and precisely diagnose the problem and treat it. For more information about our hand treatment services, call us at our Lockport office, today, at: (815) 306-2888 today.

Located near the junction of I-294 and E. Roosevelt Road, our Elmhurst office serves residents of Woodridge, Woodridge, and Lockport with a professional staff and a team of board-certified surgeons.

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