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Many conditions can be resolved through non-surgical treatment. However, if you do require surgery, our hand surgery specialists can perform most procedures in our advanced, on-site surgical suites for hand surgeries. Procedures at our hand surgery center are less expensive than at a hospital and it allows you to receive treatment more quickly. In some cases, it is possible to operate on the same day as your initial visit.
what you can expect at our surgical suites
Prior to surgery, your surgeon will discuss your treatment and answer your questions. The MHS support staff will make you as comfortable as possible and will efficiently handle all details. During surgery, your family may stay in our nearby waiting room. When you are ready to return home, we will provide detailed after-care instructions and schedule a follow-up appointment with your physician.
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Our team is ready to help you get back to the things you love after an injury or condition limits the use of your hand or wrist. Contact us today to start on the road to recovery.
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“The care provided to my patients at Midwest Hand Surgery (MHS) has been second to none. Even the most complex clinical cases have had outcomes that often exceed expectations. The physicians demonstrate superior clinical and surgical skills and collectively provide compassion and care at its highest standard. Possibly most importantly, I’ve been so impressed with their humility and down-to-earth nature providing wonderful care for each and every patient I’ve referred to MHS. Lastly, I can think of no greater endorsement than entrusting in MHS the treatment of my wife, daughter, and most recently my sister!”

– Dr. Joe Laluya, DO
Facility Medical Director, Excel Occupational Health Clinic
Assistant Professor, UIC
Co-director, Sports Medicine Fellowship Program, Department of Orthopaedics