Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: The Hobbyist’s Condition

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition that occurs due to compression on the median nerve in the hand. When this nerve is squeezed or compressed, it can cause a lot of pain, making doing the things you love challenging.

Carpal Tunnel and Hobbies

Most hobbies require some work by the hands. Whether gardening, where snipping, pulling and pinching are common, working on cars, where you’re turning wrenches, or crafting, where you’re working with small beads, needles and thread, just about every hobby puts demands on your hands.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can make doing your favorite things difficult, painful and even, at times, dangerous.

Weakness in the Hands

Those who spend their free time doing hobbies that require holding, turning or squeezing objects may notice symptoms of weakness while using tools, like pruning shears or scissors. Weakness in the hand or wrist can make the work of some hobbyists very difficult and even risky. When Carpal Tunnel diminishes the strength in your hand and you’re working with power tools, or hot pots and pans, devastating injuries can occur. It’s imperative to seek treatment for Carpal Tunnel to get your strength back and to maintain safety while doing the things you love.

Numbness, Tingling and Shocking Sensations

Numbness or tingling is also common in those suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The tingling sensation and numbness are typically felt in the thumb, index, middle and/or ring fingers, and can radiate up your arm from your wrist. It’s not uncommon for people suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms to experience this while knitting, painting, or even at night, as it wakes you from your sleep. Not only can numbness and tingling be felt, but a shocking sensation, like electric shock, can also be felt at times. This is particularly dangerous to those who may drop objects, like power tools, when a shocking sensation shoots up their arm. You don’t want your favorite hobby to be the cause of a serious injury; if you’re experiencing these symptoms, seek treatment right away.

Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Fortunately, help is available for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If you think you are suffering from Carpal Tunnel, make an appointment with a hand specialist with experience in treating this condition. At Midwest Hand Surgery, we specialize in various hand and wrist procedures, including the latest treatments for Carpal Tunnel. Our hand and wrist doctors and surgeons can assess your unique situation and recommend a course of treatment to help you get back to your favorite hobbies. If you need professional treatment, contact us today to jumpstart the recovery process.

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