Cortisone injections for hand conditions

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Cortisone shots are used for some hand conditions which benefit from a reduction in inflammation. Cortisone is a powerful anti-inflammatory steroid that is a man-made version of cortisol, a natural hormone produced by the human body.

Which hand conditions may be addressed with a Cortisone shot?

Your hand doctor may suggest a cortisone injection for quick relief of pain caused by a number of hand conditions, including:

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Trigger finger



Cortisone injection in the hand: What to expect

When visiting a hand specialist for a cortisone injection, your doctor will clean the injection area and make sure you’re in a position that is comfortable. The doctor will then insert the needle into the affected area and release the medication where needed. The patient may feel some pressure during the quick procedure.

Cortisone injections typically contain a numbing medicine, potentially delivering pain relief in two ways: with the reduction of inflammation from the steroid and with pain-reducing medication. Patients can start to feel relief from the numbing medicine right away, while the cortisone will work to reduce inflammation over time. Keep in mind, as with most medical interventions, results can vary.

While cortisone shots can be very effective and efficient treatments, there are limitations of which patients should be aware. Too many injections can break down cartilage, so your doctor will advise you on how often you can safely receive injections. Be sure to find a hand doctor who will talk through the benefits and risks of any procedure so you feel confident in your treatment plan and help take the actions necessary to achieve the best possible outcome for your condition.

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