What are the Causes of & Treatments for Trigger Finger?

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Trigger finger is a commonly used description for a medical condition that affects the range of motion and use of a person’s fingers. Traditionally, the ring finger and thumb have the highest risk factor for trigger finger. Though this painful condition can develop in any of the digits of a person’s hand and make even simple tasks difficult to complete.

Examining the Symptoms & Causes of Trigger Finger

When a person develops trigger finger, they are likely to experience several common symptoms, including but not necessarily limited to:

  • Lumps — Trigger finger may cause small lumps to develop in the palm;
  • Swelling — Trigger finger may cause affected joints to swell;
  • Catching — Trigger finger may cause affected joints to catch when bent;
  • Popping — Trigger finger may cause affected joints to pop when bent; and
  • Pain — Trigger finger may cause pain when attempting to bend or straighten affected joints.

The medical causes for trigger finger come in many shapes and sizes. Depending on the patient, trigger finger may arise from overdue or repetitive stress. In this context, excessive grabbing heavy objects can contribute to trigger finger. Alternatively, acute trauma can also contribute to trigger finger. If a heavy object crushes the hand or a finger, for example, it is possible for trigger finger to develop.

Dissecting the Treatment Options for Trigger Finger

Before delving into the treatment options for trigger finger, it will be helpful to review the diagnosis process for this condition. In almost all cases, a licensed doctor should conduct an official diagnosis to determine whether trigger finger exists. After a physical examination and a conversation about symptoms, a doctor can provide a professional opinion about the existence of trigger finger.

Once trigger finger is diagnosed, there are several possible treatment options. To cure the symptoms of trigger finger, a qualified physician may recommend:

  • Rest — For minor cases of trigger finger, rest and immobilization can help treat and alleviate the applicable symptoms ;
  • Injection — For intermediate cases of trigger finger, a steroid injection can help treat and alleviate the applicable symptoms; or
  • Surgery — For serious cases of trigger finger, surgery may be required to treat and alleviate applicable symptoms.

Regardless of the severity of trigger finger symptoms, most patients will only experience positive results if they seek professional diagnosis and treatment from an appropriately skilled doctor.

Do You Need Medical Attention for Trigger Finger?

If you are having issues with pain or reduced capacity due to trigger finger, it can be decidedly worthwhile to reach out to an adept hand surgeon. At Midwest Hand Surgery, our medical practitioners have fellowship-level credentials and the capabilities to treat trigger finger as well as other hand and elbow injuries.

With the ability to treat serious injuries the same day using on-site surgical suites, Midwest Hand Surgery is equipped to handle your injury quickly and efficiently. Additionally, you will always see your doctor at Midwest Hand Surgery, as we do not rely on physician assistants to provide medical care. If you need help with trigger finger or other hand or wrist injuries, contact us today for the treatment you deserve.

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