What Should I Do if My Hand was Crushed at Work?

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When working in certain job environments, there is a definite risk of sustaining a crushed or fractured hand. This is particularly true in manufacturing warehouses, where employees need to use heavy machinery and equipment on a daily basis. When a person suffers a work-related crushed hand injury, it can have a profound impact on their ability to complete job duties and earn a living.

Whenever a person suffers a crushed hand during a work-related accident, it is imperative to seek medical attention and treatment as soon as possible. That way, a licensed medical professional can evaluate symptoms, diagnose the extent of injury, and recommend a proper treatment plan.

Crushed Hand Symptoms

Unlike certain other conditions which develop slowly over time— such as arthritis or tendonitis — a crushed hand generally produces immediate symptoms. When the injury occurs, it can produce a sudden sharp pain and even a cracking sound. In the aftermath of a work-related crushed hand, a person can also expect the following symptoms:

  • Bruising — A crushed hand can produce bruising and discoloration from the impact.
  • Swelling — A crushed hand can lead to swelling as blood is trapped in the affected area.
  • Weakness — A crushed hand can hinder normal strength and function.
  • Reduced Movement — A crushed hand can lead to reduced or improper range of motion and movement.

Crushed Hand Treatment

For most work-related crushed hand injuries, it is not advisable to engage in self-treatment. These injuries are traditionally so severe that professional treatment is needed for a full recovery. In many cases, attempts at self-treatment can make the injury worse and even lead to long-term impairment or loss of function/mobility in the affected hand.

In order to diagnose a crushed hand and assess treatment options, a licensed physician will generally perform several tests. Traditionally, a doctor will conduct a physical examination of the crushed hand to assess range of motion of the injured fingers and bones. It is also common practice to conduct an x-ray to determine the exact nature of any broken bones. In certain cases, an MRI might be necessary to evaluate affected tendons or tissue.

Do You Need Medical Treatment for a Work-Related Crushed Hand?

If you are experiencing pain or other symptoms from a work-related crushed hand, it can be exceedingly valuable to contact a skilled hand surgeon. At Midwest Hand Surgery, our doctors and staff focus on providing high-quality medical treatment for a diverse variety of hand, wrist, and finger injuries, such as a work-related crushed hand. For acute injuries, we offer same-day treatment in our on-site surgical suite.

At Midwest Hand Surgery, you will always see a doctor for medical treatment, as we do not employ physician assistants. Moreover, our surgeons have fellowship-level training, ensuring that you will receive highly qualified care. If you need professional assistance with these types of injuries, contact us today to set up an appointment with our team.

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