When I visit a hand doctor, what questions should I ask?

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When visiting a hand doctor, it’s important to be prepared to ask all of the questions you have during the appointment. It’s a good idea to take the time to write down questions so when you’re at your hand doctor appointment you don’t forget to ask important questions. Here are a few suggestions for questions you may want to ask.

What is the name of the condition or type of injury I have?

After examination, your physician may give you a diagnosis like carpal tunnel, trigger finger, sprained finger or something else. Depending on the diagnosis, you may be given a suggestion for treatment.

What is the goal of treatment?

Depending on what the hand doctor recommends, splinting, rest, injections, physical therapy, surgery or other procedures may be recommended. Ask what these treatments are meant to do: repair structures in the hand, strengthen muscles, reduce inflammation, etc.

What should I expect the day of my procedure?

If the physician recommends a future procedure, ask what to expect that day and if you should make any preparations beforehand.

Where will you perform the procedure or physical therapy?

Ask the hand doctor if they have on-site surgical suites where they can perform your procedure.

How long should I expect recovery to take?

With some treatments, patients can feel some relief quickly, while others may take longer to show results. Ask what to expect so you know if what you’re experiencing is typical for the procedure or treatment you’re receiving. Always contact your hand doctor if you are worried about a symptom.

What will I have to do during my recovery period?

You may be instructed to rest, keep the area immobilized, ice, engage in physical therapy or other things. Before any procedure, you should know what to expect in the days and weeks following.

It’s always a good idea to be prepared, especially when the function of your hands is at stake. If you’d like to make an appointment with a premier hand doctor, give us a call at 630-359-6888 or request an appointment here.

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